Doggie Bag Cafe: This Place Is For The Dogs

In Miami it seems like humans have all the food-related fun. Sure, we allow our four-legged friends to tag along at food truck round-ups and restaurants with outdoor seating. But when you think about it -- us bipeds do all the eating while fido is stuck getting crappy handouts and a lousy bowl of water. Lally Albalate thought this scenario was unfair also, so she opened the Doggie Bag Cafe, located at 73rd Street and Biscayne Boulevard.

At Doggie Bag Cafe, pet owners can stock up on healthy food and snacks for their dogs, order meal plan delivery and meet with their fur-babies for brunch.

Every Saturday, the cafe features a three course organic gourmet brunch for $9.99. From 11 a.m. to 2 p.m., doggies partake of an arf-petizer (choice of paw-te or mutt-balls), entree (organic chicken or sirloin with rice and vegetables) and dog-sert (doggie yogurt or fido fillo). Refreshments in the form of beef or chicken stock in beer bottles is provided for the dogs and humans can enjoy organic coffee and water.

If you can't be bothered cooking for your dog during the week (forget about bagged dog food - we're WAY beyond that by this point), The Doggie Bag Cafe features a wide variety of take-home options like Miami mutt-loaf, made with USDA organic lean ground sirloin, eggs, low-fat parmesan cheese, tomato puree, wheat and gluten-free breadcrumbs, carrots and sweet peas. If your pup dances to a Latin beat, the arroz con pollo ala perita, made with USDA organic breast of chicken, brown rice, carrots, peas, garlic and parsley might be to your liking. Each serving is pre-packaged in freezer-ready 8-oz. servings and delivery in Miami is available.

This leads to the inevitable question that all good dog owners are probably asking -- what about catering? At some point every dog will need to have a Yappy Hour or Paw-Mitzvah. The Doggie Diner on Wheels is available for parties and fundraisers. Spot can celebrate in style with party hats, festive plates, a meal from the cart and a pinata filled with treats.

Albalate launched this retro-fitted hot dog cart at Woofstock -- a day of peace, paws and music -- in Islamorada to rave reviews. She plans to take the Doggie Diner on Wheels to dog parks on weekends. No word yet on whether the cart will make an appearance at human food truck rallys.

Is there a market for custom dog food and catered dog parties in Miami? I think there is, but then again my chihuahua has her own wardrobe and her birthday is coming up. Can anyone bark fiesta?

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