DGB: Damn Good Burger Has Closed

Damn Good Burger, the downtown brew and beef joint with the straight-to-hell name and excellent sweet-potato fries, has closed its doors.

A call to the restaurant yielded the following recorded announcement:

"Thank you for calling DGB. It is with much sadness that we must announce that DGB is no longer operating. It has been a pleasure serving you in the past year, and we look forward to serving you in the near future."

DGB opened in early May 2011, in Mia at Biscayne's former restaurant space. DGB and Mia shared the same ownership.

DGB received most of its traffic from office workers looking for a fast-casual

burger at lunch or people on the way to the arena wanting a quick

bite and beer before a game. The two-level restaurant was decorated in a

blend '50s nostalgia and pop art and featured a full bar to go

with the simple menu.

New Times food critic Lee Klein ate there in December 2011

and called it "impressive-looking for a burger joint" but was somewhat

less than bowled over by the meal itself. Klein noted the "DGB burger

was very well done and way too dry," though he found the bahn mi burger

to be "delicious" and the veggie burger to be "really tasty and moist,

flecked with carrots and other vegetables."

Summer brings two

things to Miami -- tropical storm warnings and restaurant closings. This

is the third restaurant closing we've reported this week, with Sustain Restaurant + Bar and Mare Nostrum  the other two casualties. Let's hope our favorite restaurants weather the summer storm.

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