Cuban-Style Pig Roast Using La Caja China

Ah, the Cuban Pig Roast. There's no greater cooking method than the outdoor-food-to-fire-method. And with the holiday pig we ate, we gotta start looking ahead to the next one. This kind of cooking is so basic, yet so delicious, it brings out the inner cave person in all of us. Here's a video shot in a South Florida backyard documenting a family pig roast to celebrate a couple's wedding engagement. They use a homemade "Caja China" (aka the knuckledragger-microwave). Here's an excerpt from Jerry Brito's blog post to Crispy On the Outside so you can get an idea of the story behind the video.

"My dad's buddy, Cuco, was the chef in charge and he used his own home-made Caja china. A beautiful thing about Miami is that there are plenty of farms you can go to pick out your still-walking pig and take it home with you in a less-than-animated state. My dad brought home a lean 85-pounder which he marinated in mojo overnight. Cuco put the pig bottom-side down on the stainless steel interior of the box so that the skin receives direct heat only at the end of the cooking."

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