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Coolest Cooler: Kickstarter Raises Nearly $5 Million To Fund Best Gadget Ever

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Kickstarter may be a metaphor for life itself. The crowdfunding site that allows people to pledge money to entrepreneurs in exchange for getting in on the ground floor of a new idea has had some dumb ideas -- like the potato salad Kickstarter that so far has raised over $50,000.

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That, of course, paved the way for ridiculous clones like the "Making Food in my Kitchen" Kickstarter and the infantile "Jumping into a Hamper of Food" Kickstarter that basically entails you sending money to this guy:

But, for every moment of lunacy, there's s stroke of sheer genius. Like Ryan Grepper's Coolest Cooler project. This is, in no uncertain terms, the gadget that everyone in Miami needs -- stat! This cooler does just about everything you need for a beach day except call in sick to your boss for you.

Not only is this a cooler with a separate ice compartment (so you don't have to worry about all the labels soaking off your beer, making every drink a fun mystery), it contains a removable bluetooth speaker; a waterproof USB charger; a built-in LED light on the inside of the cooler (so you can find the last Cigar City in a sea of Budweisers); a rust-proof ceramic knife and cutting board (in case you need a lime wedge); extra wide wheels (perfect for maneuvering Miami beaches); a bottle opener; a bungee cord to attach all your other stuff and (ta dah!):

A f**king cordless blender built into the Coolest. Why? As Grepper says in his promotional video for this lovely beast, "you're already carrying a cooler full of ice and tasty beverages, why not blend them up?" Watch this awesomeness:

I know what you're thinking. It sounds like some Saturday Night Live skit (remember the Bass-O-Matic?):

But this is real. Grepper has been a full-time inventor since 2006, with multiple products successfully developed and licensed in several industries.

A lot of people have jumped on board the Coolest train. With 45 more days to go for the completion of the Kickstarter campaign, Grepper has has raised over 5 million dollars from over 25,000 backers. If you want to invest in the Coolest, a pledge of $185 also gets you one of the first Coolest coolers on the market, with fulfillment expected in February 2015. I'm actually thinking of plunking down my Visa card -- the Coolest is that cool!

If you want to get in on the action, visit coolestkickstarter.com. Living full-time in a beach town, it's a much sounder investment than a bowl of potato salad.

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