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Canton Palace: Best Budget Dim Sum Menu

Maybe foodies overlook Canton Palace because of its inconspicuous location way out west on SW Eighth Street. But the place is usually jammed with Asian-American diners. Apparently they got the memo. We are not being jerks, so please don't write hate comments saying that we are racists/prejudice/ignorant etc.How many Asian-Americans do you see eating at Panda Express?

Apart from its regular menu, Canton Palace serves killer dim sum. The menu is comprehensive and cheap. Unlike the over-hyped Tropical on Bird Road, Canton Palace delivers great small plates without draining your retirement fund. There is one set of prices for lunch until 3 p.m. and then each order gets hiked up a whopping $0.60.

Ken Chiu, who has worked at Canton Palace for nine years, says the most popular item on the dim sum menu is the 4-piece order of pork and shrimp dumplings ($2.55 or $3.15). This also happens to be our favorite. Although it isn't served automatically, you can request dumpling sauce and we suggest you do. The tart, vinegary sauce compliments the pork/shrimp mixture perfectly.

The dim sum menu is varied and this is a great spot to hit for lunch. We also love it when food is both healthy and delicious, and this is a high-protein/low-carb option meal option. We have been known to order three or four orders and just chow down. Don't judge us.

Canton Palace
7980 SW 8 Street, Miami

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