Brew Coffee From A Faucet With Your iPhone: Yes, There Is An App For That

Makers of Denmark-based Scanomat decided that a substance almost as necessary as water should be as readily available. Coffee!

This ain't no typical brew machine. The TopBrewer looks like a a faucet and mounts to your countertop. It not only brews and dispenses coffee but also is equipped with undercounter components including two high-output grinders, a juicing system, the world's smallest milk frother, dispensing lines, and a refrigerator. Quit hating, Starbucks.

Why wait for a cup of coffee? This thing minimizes grinding time per cup to only one second, churning out four cups of coffee per minute, and with precision settings, it can sling a cup of espresso every 25 seconds.

It even cleans itself, both coffee and milk lines, after every use, and cleans itself again for about a minute after each day of heavy use.

What's more, this coffee contraption can be wirelessly interfaced with an iPhone or iPad. With a few simple taps of the screen, every function can be controlled, except refilling coffee beans and liquids, which requires you to actually get out of your chair.

It's environmentally friendly too, made entirely with recyclable stainless steel and aluminum. It saves energy by powering down to standby mode after periods of inactivity, taking only 45 seconds to power back up with the push of a button.

The TopBrewer employs a new boiler system that leaves the water cold, heating to temperature when brewed, ensuring maximum concentration of oxygen per cup, resulting in a better-tasting beverage, according to Scanomat's website.

The price of the TopBrewer has yet to be announced, but expect to pay at least a few hundred bones for it.

Now that Scanomat has blessed humanity with this new invention, can someone hurry up and invent a beer faucet?

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