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Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza: Well-Done Meatball Sandwich

The quest for a good meatball and a great meatball sandwich is always on my mind. I long to say "That's a good meatball" like Adam Sandler's character proclaimed in The Wedding Singer. In the 1998 comedy, an old lady places one meatball in each of the wedding singer's hands and encourages him to take a bite, because seeing his enjoyment is her favorite part. Well, that is my meatball barometer: Does one bite make me recount the line? A recent trip to my favorite South Florida pizza chain, Anthony's Coal Fired Pizza, made me say the line in the most authentic of ways.

Forget schweddy balls. Anthony's serves moist and hot balls. It's a newish lunch item that goes beyond the pies. The Long Hot Meatball Mozzarella Sandwich ($8.95) offers meatballs, red sauce, mozzarella cheese, and -- for a kick -- long hot finger peppers. It is all folded into soft focaccia bread. If you haven't quite mastered the foldable-slice technique, this sandwich is a manageable version, folded for you and cut in half so you can easily get your hands and mouth around it.

Asking for meatballs on your pie could easily be a way to go too. In fact, Anthony's offers a baby meatball and ricotta specialty pizza.

But this pillowy focaccia sandwich is magical. It pairs hefty, moist meatballs with gooey, melted cheese and spicy grilled peppers. When you are ready to diverge from the typical pie, try this sandwich. As the company tag line says, it's "well done."

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Carina Ost