Acme Bakery & Coffee Is Closing

After only nine months in operation, Acme Bakery & Coffee is closing its doors this Sunday, April 28.

The bakery with a vintage vibe specialized in sourdough loaves and jams. But the little shop had its share of trials.

The 35-seat restaurant was hindered by high rent, and although there seemed to be a need for fresh bread in midtown Miami, the little eatery couldn't make things work -- even though it was the go-to place for off-duty chefs and locals to grab a bite and some Panther coffee.

In her review, Short Order's Emily Codik praised the shop's breakfast selections but pointed out that the service could make for a "slow and confusing meal."

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The bakery issued the following statement on its Facebook page:

Acme Bakery & Coffee, after nine months of operation will be closing its doors permanently as of May 1st, our kitchen and bakeshop and all service will cease on Sunday April 28th.

Needless to say we had a good but bumpy run exacerbated by Midtown's refusal to lower/adjust the rent and lease terms to a more realistic level (it's $10,000.00 a month folks!).

We thank all the Acme fans and supporters as well as those frustrated by the slow service and other inescapable minutia. Perhaps we were a few years early for great bread; maybe we were in the wrong place; possibly our overhead was too high and ambitious; and then again maybe it's just this business. My most heartfelt thanks goes to our suppliers and partners (Panther, Cheney, Jojo Tea, American Food Equipment, Chef's Warehouse, to name a few...) and especially to our staff who have stuck with Acme, all the while knowing its fate, like the gilded professionals they are (regardless if they may forget your cream time to time... but proof, to restaurateurs everywhere, that if you treat your employees right you don't have to close your doors unexpectedly on them without warning for fear they'll jump ship prematurely).

We will be having a "Going Away Brunch Bash" this Saturday & Sunday the 27th & 28th of April with a blackboard menu of specials and favorites with 50% off all our breads and other giveaways. BYOB and have fun... 8am-4pm Saturday& Sunday (kitchen closes at 3pm) at No 103 - 3451 NE 1st Avenue Midtown 2.

Thank you, we'll see you soon.

Acme, Your Neighborhood Bakery. Real Ingredients, Real Good.

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