Yudenia Rodriguez Stabbed Her Elderly Mother to Death in Front of Her Teenager Daughter

Yudenia Rodriguez stands accused of stabbing her elderly mother to death over a fight about housing and carrying out the gruesome crime in front of her own 15-year-old daughter.

The incident happened yesterday afternoon at a home on the 17300 block of SW 232nd Street. Rodriguez lived there with her three children and her 66-year-old mother, Sonia Santiesteban. When Santiesteban ordered her daughter to move out of the house, Rodriguez reacted violently to the news.

According to NBC Miami, Rodriguez pushed Santiesteban to the ground. Rodriguez's 15-year-old daughter then reached for the phone to call police, but Rodriguez repeatedly slapped the girl and grabbed the phone away from her.

Rodriguez then grabbed a knife and stabbed Santiesteban to death.

When police showed up, Rodriguez refused to talk. She now stands charged of second-degree murder, child abuse with no great bodily harm, and tampering with a witness.

Rodriguez appeared in bond court today in front of Judge Ellen Sue Venzer. In a video via NBC Miami, Rodriguez complained of pain caused by her handcuffs and slumped against a chair. At times she appeared to zone out and said she hadn't slept. Venzer ordered Rodriguez to the clinic and also to undergo a psychological evaluation. Rodriguez is being held without bond.

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Kyle Munzenrieder