Ynot's Death: The Police Report

Riptide is the first outlet to get its hands on the Davie Police arrest report of Reynaldo Rodriguez, the driver charged with vehicular homicide in the death of prolific graffiti and tattoo artist Jonathan "Ynot" Corso. The document finally sheds some light on the events of that night, the identities of the other people involved, and the investigation that followed.

Cops believe that the fatal exchange on the morning of July 28 started after 21-year-old Corso-- accompanied by friends identified as Jose Campos, Jonathan Olsen and Alexander Vahan-- exited Davie's Club Eden strip club and began getting into two vehicles.

That's when the Cadillac Escalade, driven by Francisco Chollet-- we'll publish more information on him on Friday-- with Reynaldo Rodriguez in the passenger seat, pulled up near Corso.

"What's up?" Corso asked, according to the report.

Chollet to Corso, who wore long dreads: "I thought you were a bitch."

The two then "exchanged words" and all the vehicles emptied as the men confronted each other. Chollet and Rodriguez climbed back into their Escalade which is when, according to the report, Chollet spat at Corso.

According the Rodriguez, the graffiti artist retaliated by spitting on him. A "physical altercation" started between the six men-- which is when Rodriguez climbed behind the wheel of the Escalade.

Cops later took the account of Jason Ostrander, an independent witness leaving the club. He got into his own car, "hoping that the altercation would end and everybody would move away. Ostrander stated that all of a sudden he saw the Cadillac coming. In his sworn statement, [Ostrander] advised that he observed the Escalade 'come flying backwards in reverse, ran over a guy, went into drive, and drove over him again.' The Cadillac then drove around the parking lot and parked in front of the building."

When a Davie police sergeant arrived at the scene, Rodriguez, who was sitting on the pavement, said: "They tried to rob me so I ran him over."

He later told cops that he didn't look in his mirrors before reversing the SUV, and that he hit the brakes when he heard his back window shatter.

Data from the Escalade's recorder showed that Rodriguez accelerated the maximum amount before slamming into Corso, who was 75 feet away. The car was traveling at 16 MPH when the crash occurred.

Rodriguez is currently free on $2,500 bond. Corso's friends in the late artist's Miami graffiti collective, the MSG Cartel, have made their feelings clear on the crew's blog: The word "Murderer" is stamped across Rodriguez's mug shot.

We've embedded the police report below. Read New Times' feature on Jonathan "Ynot Corso" here.

Jonathan "Ynot" Corso: The Police Report

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