Yes, Thank You. We Don't Suck Anymore: Florida Is Most Improved Bicycle-Friendly State

Those hippies up in Washington state have done it again. When it comes to bicycle awesomeness, they ranked first in the nation on Friday, according to the League of American Bicyclists.

But if the Pacific Northwest is the bike world's straight-A student, Florida deserves some props too. Not for being the best. Or even the second best. No, we're more like the slacker who finally picked up a book.

This year we completely rule! Because, well, we don't totally suck.

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Florida jumped 20 places in the survey - more than any other state -- and now ranks 12th in the nation.

This calls for a blindfolded drunk-driving Hummer joyride! Wait, no. That's not good for cyclists. We keep forgetting.

Seriously, though, it's pretty cool: The program ranks states based on a 95-item questionnaire. (Check out the ranking here.)They take into consideration legislation, policies, infrastructure, education, and enforcement. Which means Florida's on the right track. Sweet.

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