Ah, how I miss Joe Arriola. The boisterous ex-city manager was always good for a laugh.

So it was nice to see Arriola, who appears to have shed a few pounds, as a guest on WBPT's community talk show, Issues, this past July 24.

During a 15-minute interview with host Helen Ferre, Arriola provided insights into the city's financial outlook and predicted Miami will once again be under state oversight to avoid going broke.

He blamed the city's pension payments and took a shot at his former boss Mayor Manny Diaz for not going against the unions. "Manny had ambitions to do something else with his life," Arriola said, "and didn't want this headache... He just didn't have the guts to do it."

Of course, Arriola insists, he did a pretty good job despite all the criticism he endured. "Maybe people with a big mouth like me are not cut out to be in the public sector," Arriola said. "But let me tell you something: Everything I said was right."

View the full interview after the jump.

When Joe Arriola Speaks, We Listen... Then Cackle with Incredulity

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