Wet Goddess: Florida Man Pens Human-Dolphin Romance Novel

Last year in a slightly controversial cover story, New Times delved into the world of bestiality. We introduced you, whether you were prepared or not, to Malcolm Brenner, a Sarasota man who claims that a dolphin, named Ruby, was the love of his life. Now he's completed work on a semi-autobiographical novel about the animal love affair, titled Wet Goddess: Recollections of a Dolphin Lover. Unfortunately the cover does not feature an oil painting of Fabio embracing a dolphin in a torn scarlet gown.

Brenner told New Times that he's been working on the novel for over 30 years (in fact, parts of it were originally published in Penthouse in the '70s), and has finally released it. It was inspired by his real relationship with a female dolphin he met while taking photographs at an amusement park.

"She would take my leg very lightly in her jaws and run her teeth up and down my leg," he told New Times. "It's an incredible sensation. I don't know if other people would find it erotic, but I certainly did."

"It was the most intense experience I've ever had," he said of the physical consummation of the relationship. "A transcendental experience. I felt I was completely wrapped up."

He claims that the novel isn't to promote bestiality or to exploit his relationship, but to show that marine mammals are smart animals capable of emotions and relationships and deserve protection in their natural environment. So, it's basically like The Cove, but with sex scenes.

The novel is available for $14.95 plus shipping on his website.

P.S: Mother's Day is right around the corner.

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Kyle Munzenrieder