Watch ESPN's E:60 Feature On Miami-Dade's Backyard Fight King

In case you missed it, we've embedded the 12-minute ESPN E:60 segment on Dhafir Harris, aka Dada 5000, and his backyard brawling tournaments. Although the feature rehashes Harris' story and the illegal aspect of his events first told by New Times, the footage of dudes beating each other to a bloody, broken boned pulp still manages to pull you in. And we're not just saying that because ESPN interviewed Banana Republican about Harris.

The mini-doc opens with a narrator describing Harris's Perrine home: "Not far from the glamor of South Beach, in an out of the way corner of Miami is a sunburnt patch of land known to fight fanatics as America's mecca for backyard brawling."

From there, the producers tell the tale about the unsanctioned bare knuckle, no rules bouts that go down in Perrine. ESPN also introduces viewers to John "Boom-Boom" Andre, a 42-year-old 140-pound pizza maker who made $1,500 from one of Dada's fights. "I'm a champ without a belt," Boom-Boom explains. "I've been getting in trouble since 1988. I robbed people. I stole cars. I beat cops up. I went to prison."

Watch what happens when Boom-Boom gets in the ring below:

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