Video: Miami Trump Fan Yells That Media Sold Out "For a Few Shekels"

Donald Trump's longtime supporters knew the drill at this point. Once Trump started name-dropping the "lying," "dishonest," "liberal" media corralled into a pen at Miami's Bayfront Park today, the audience wheeled around and started shouting obscenities at them, per usual. A "CNN Sucks" chant bounced up from the crowd, to the glee of the CNN camera crew. One man seated to the left of the pen belched the phrase "CNN lied!" out into the air at no one in particular.

But long before Trump took the stage today, one ornery fan wearing sunglasses, a black visor, and an ascot scarf took it upon himself to vomit insults at the press pen for a solid ten minutes — and at least one line veered into oddly anti-Semitic territory.

At one point, just before Trump took the stage, he shouted that the media had sold out the First Amendment "for a few shekels," the current currency of Israel and the historic currency of Jews in religious texts.

Since he directed his anger directly toward a cage full of cameras, more than a few folks caught his rant on video:

Here's another clip, which missed his shekel comments by a few seconds:

The man's comments were far from the first Jew-related insults hurled at reporters at Trump rallies this year. At a rally in West Palm Beach last month, someone left a swastika on the media desk. Last weekend, a Trump fan at a Phoenix rally was caught on tape shouting "Jew-S-A" at the press pool. Trump's campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, then denounced the second man's conduct, and called him "deplorable."

Yet Trump himself egged on the media insults today in Miami.

He singled out NBC reporter Katy Tur by name, as she stood in the smack middle of a hostile crowd of Trump fans. Tur cracked the sort of smile you make when your uncle says something racist at Thanksgiving dinner and you attempt to ignore it. She then turned away from the crowd, who were pointing fingers and booing at her.

As for Trump's speech, it was full of all the half-truths, non-sequiturs, and outright lies that we've come to expect from the Great Orange One: At one point, Trump inexplicably lied about how full the stadium was. Despite the fact that most of the back section of the Bayfront Park Amphitheater was empty, Trump claimed there were thousands of people still waiting to get in outside, a comment that seemed to confuse even his own supporters in the crowd. Nobody waited to get inside today.

Trump also verbally thanked Miami's Blacks for Trump organizers, who happen to be led by Michael the Black Man, a former member of the murderous Yahweh bin Yahweh cult. Trump conveniently left out the cult bit, and Michael the Black Man himself hung out for a photo-op with the crowd after the rally.

As the rally ended, one man with graying, shaggy hair, who asked only to be identified only as "Jason," stood holding a Trump sign at the left wing of the amphitheater. Despite the Trump/Pence paraphernalia, he said he was actually Canadian, and just drove down here with some friends to get a load of the "spectacle" before the election cycle ended. He said he was 42, and would vote for Clinton if he was an American citizen.

"Oh, I think 98 percent of Canadians are anti-Trump," he said, laughing. "I just wanted to get a Trump sign and see what this was all about. I went to Hillary last night, and I'm going to see Obama tomorrow."

Jason got a taste of Trump's America on his way out. Outside, a group of three protesters with black Arabic niqabs covering their faces stood holding signs protesting the supposed rise of Sharia law in the United States. One of the protesters, Liumer Garza, stood with one wild eye poking out through the slit in her mask. She held a pink "Women for Trump" sign.

"We have proof that members of the Doral government are traitors to our nation," she said, pulling her face in close to my ear. Her compatriot stood shouting "No Sharia law in America" through a megaphone with the same cadence used to warn people to keep their arms and legs inside the Walt Disney World monorail.

Welling with anger, she then shouted that Doral is in the midst of building a facility to carry out Saudi-Arabia style beheadings, while importing Syrian refugees.

"You're going to have a vermin-infested, smegma-covered horde of Syrians in Doral!" she belted.

Trump fans congregated after the speech in Bayside Marketplace, one of Miami's largest outdoor malls, which sits adjacent to the amphitheater and shares a parking garage. Normally a cosmopolitan, racially diverse tourist trap, the Marketplace had become festooned with Trump hats. A few patrons carried both "Trump/Pence" signs and Hooters takeout. One small family in "Make America Great Again" hats stood eating Haagen Daas ice cream, while another group of Trump supporters sat lazily day-drinking at the Bubba Gump Shrimp Shack's outdoor bar:

"Make America Great Again!" one red-capped Trump fan shouted at a like-minded couple carrying Trump signs.

They didn't respond: The man's wife had found a pair of pants she liked hanging in a Guess jeans window, and for a brief minute, the election no longer mattered.

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