Same GOP Senators Who Tried to Silence 2 Live Crew Embrace Sex Offender Brett Kavanaugh

Get ready, America. We are about to have two sex offenders sitting on the U.S. Supreme Court. The FBI could uncover that Brett Kavanaugh tried to force his tongue down Ivanka Trump's throat in the '90s, but Republican senators would still vote to confirm him Friday. Kavanaugh will sit alongside Clarence Thomas, who during his 1991 confirmation hearings was accused by Anita Hill of sexually harassing her.

Like Hill, Christine Blasey Ford is a brilliant woman with an accomplished career who showed tremendous courage to sit in front of a roomful of old, white, uppity, conservative men and speak her truth. Watching her answer questions about her allegations that Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her when they were teenagers, I could tell she is sincere and honest. It took me only five minutes to believe her.

Ford also inspired two other women to come forward and share their awful encounters and interactions with Kavanaugh, who apparently was a rabid, can’t-take-no-for-an-answer horn dog from high school to Yale law school, where he “busted [his] tail.”

Same GOP Senators Who Tried to Silence 2 Live Crew Embrace Sex Offender Brett Kavanaugh (2)
Illustration by Alex Izaguirre

When multiple women accuse the same man of sexual assault, shouldn't that trigger an automatic investigation by some law-enforcement agency? Shit, Bill Cosby is in prison for sex crimes he committed against women many years ago.

Yet Republicans and President Donald Trump had to be publicly shamed into making the FBI conduct another background check on Kavanaugh to find out if he lied to the judiciary committee. And even if he is proven a liar, he'll still get confirmed. I'm guessing the statute of limitations applies only to privileged white dudes with Ivy League school credentials.

Some of these Republican senators, such as Mitch McConnell and Orrin Hatch, have been around since the days Congress tried to silence the 2 Live Crew for performing songs with explicit lyrics in the late '80s. They came after me but want to give Kavanaugh a pass for his drunk frat-boy assaults. The shit he is accused of doing reads like the plot to the movie Animal House: white privileged young men drinking heavily at parties where they chase girls to get them drunk and have sex with them, willingly or not.

And though I described raunchy sexual acts on my records, I never put out music that encouraged rape.

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