Trayvon Martin's Last Words, According to George Zimmerman: "You Got Me" UPDATE

In the days after killing unarmed Miami teenager Trayvon Martin in February, George Zimmerman wrote a narrative for police about what happened that night. In neat, loopy cursive, Zimmerman claims that Martin slammed his head into the ground until "it felt like it was going to explode," and told him he was "gonna die." That's when he pulled the trigger, Zimmerman writes, leaving Martin to die with the words, "You got me."

The statement is part of a trove of new evidence in the case posted online this morning -- click through for Zimmerman's full statement.    

Update: ABC has uploaded video of Zimmerman reenacting the shooting. Click through to watch.

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Zimmerman, of course, has since been charged with homicide in the case that brought Florida's Stand Your Ground laws to national prominence. 

A judge ruled last week that Zimmerman's attorney, Mark O'Mara, had to release audio, video and statements between Zimmerman and police. O'Mara posted all the documents and clips to his website this morning.  

Zimmerman's written statement, which you can read in full below, presents his most comprehensive retelling yet of what happened on the night he killed Martin in a Sanford, Florida suburb. 

Zimmerman writes that a series of burglaries had left him and his wife on edge the night he spotted Martin walking through the rain. Zimmerman, a Neighborhood Watch captain who many say desperately wanted to be a police officer, writes in expert cop language, calling Martin "the suspect" throughout the report. 

He writes that after pulling up near Martin, the teen said, "You got a problem?"

Zimmerman replied, "No," and Marint responded, "You do now" and punched him in the face.

In his narrative, Zimmerman writes that Martin then started slamming his head into the ground while he yelled for help, yelling back, "Shut the fuck up!"  As he tried to get up again, Martin told him, "You gonna die tonight muthafucka," Zimmerman claims.

That's when he shot the teen in the chest. Martin collapsed, Zimmerman writes, and said, "You got me."

It has to be said: The story, as told by Zimmerman, has a badly written Hollywood ring to it. "You gonna die tonight muthafucka," sounds like a line right out of a B-list TV drama starring the noble neighborhood watchman and the teen punk roughing him up. 

But that's the prosecutor's challenge in Zimmerman's case: His version of events up to Martin's death is the only version out there. 

Read his take on what happened for yourself:

Zimmerman Statement

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