Trailer Park Resident Sues WikiLeaks, Julian Assange for $150M in Miami Court

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are currently knee deep in a heap of legal concerns. And their latest, and most ridiculous, comes from a Florida man named David Pitchford who has sued the organization and its figurehead for emotional distress. Pitchford, who lists a Key West trailer park as his address but also claims to be a resident of Miami, is seeking $150 million in damages and claims he is now in a constant state of fear over the possibility of "nucliar war" [sic] because of Assange's actions.

Pitchford filed the suit in the United States District Court in Miami on January 6. The document claims that Assange is guilty of "terrorism, espionage and treason" and that his actions has caused Pitchford intentional emotional distress. Pitchford claims that Assange is responsible for his following ailments (all taken word for word from the error-ridden suit):

  • A worsening of Plaintiffs hyper tention;
  • A worsening of Plaintiffs depression;
  • A worsening of Plaintiff's Stress;
  • Living under the constant fear of being stricken by another heart attack and or stroke as a result of the foregoing;
  • In fear of being on the brink of Nucliar WAR
Pitchford wants $100 million from Assange and WikiLeaks in compensatory damages, another $50 million in punitive damages, plus court costs. You can read the full suit in PDF format here.

A blogger known as Superkuh claims to have spoken to Pitchford over the phone, and Pitchford claims he has previously filed suit against Osama Bin Laden.

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Kyle Munzenrieder