Top Ten LeBron James Celebrity Tweets: Justin Bieber, Diddy, Lance Bass, Disco Rick Respond to 'The Decision'

Sports commentators weren't the only ones nervously watching LeBron James' fireworks spectacular last night on ESPN. In the celebrity twitterverse, the rich and famous were just as worried as New York, Cleveland and Miami fans about where their fellow gazillionaire buddy would end up. Diddy made a prediction then took it back, Snooki was confused, Bethenny of Real Housewives didn't care, and Justin Bieber became the littlest sports commentator after Bob Costas.

10. Justin Bieber, tween sensation, respected pundit.

9. Diddy made a prediction!

An incorrect prediction.

8. Buzz Bissinger, histrionic sports writer, Deadspin-hater.

7. Lance Bass, famous homosexual, already making plans for the next Winter Party.

6. Susan Orlean, New Yorker writer and chicken lover.

5. Ashton Kutcher worked real hard at coming up with this pun everyone. Gold star!

4. Hoda Kotb was practically having a hot flash on Twitter.

3. Lebron will make it rain.

2. Kurt Andersen, Spy co-founder, aging satirist.

1. Terry McMillan, eloquent author of How Stella Got Her Groove Back.

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