These Are Florida's Favorite Emojis

SwiftKey, a maker of customized keyboard apps, recently dug into its databases to find out which emojis are used most in each state. Some made perfect sense. New York really loves the Statue of Liberty emoji. Hawaii is keen on pineapples, surfing, and rainbows. Florida's faves, however, have us scratching our heads. 

To be clear, these aren't the most used overall emojis in each state, but the emojis that are used more often in a state than any other state in the union. 

Here are the emojis that Florida totally owns: 

Clapping Hands Emoji
This is a pretty versatile emoji, but we associate overuse of it with that annoying thing people do where they put it between every single word in a sentence when they're making some strong point or something.  Do we do this Florida? Do we? Let's stop. 

Women With Bunny Ears Unicode just describes this as "woman with bunny ears," which is clearly supposed to be a Playboy bunny. Which is kind of a weirdly sexist emoji, but Apple decided to sidestep that by making it two women who look like the back-up dancers from Beyoncé's "Single Ladies." So mostly we just associate it with a good time.

Trumpet This one? No idea. Maybe we're just using it in texts when we tell people to blow us? 

Here are also the emojis that we don't totally own but that we use more often than most other states. 

Palm Tree This makes total sense. 

Well, we do have lots of bugs here. If there were a cockroach emoji, as we've suggested should exist, Florida would probably be tops for that too. 

Checkered Flag Florida is home to the Daytona 500, which kicks off the NASCAR season, and the Ford Championship Series in Homestead, which officially ends the racing season. 

Cloud With Sun  Pretty much our default weather. 

Earth Globe Europe-Africa

Who knows? 

Suspiciously missing from Florida's favorite emojis: orange, speedboat, and alligator. You'd think UF fans alone would be overusing the hell out of that gator emoji. 

Florida's Least Used Emojis 

SwiftKey also analyzed the least used emojis in each state. At least one of Florida's makes perfect sense. 

Well, duh.

Dress This dress is probably too modest for most Floridians, to be honest. 

We guess someone had to be last in hamster use. 
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Kyle Munzenrieder