The Scoop That Nobody Wanted: Jose Canseco's Man-Ram Press Conference

Miami native Jose Canseco has made a post-baseball career out of snitching on his former teammates and getting punched in the face. This is not a dignified existence.

And yet he insists on respect. Every time evidence emerges that a star did 'roids, he has to point out that he said in one of his cranium-melting books that that star did 'roids.

So of course, he had to schedule a press conference in Beverly Hills to make said statement about the Manny Ramirez bombshell .

Problem is, we all got the jist a couple of months ago, when the world's most annoying author did the same song-and-dance about A-Rod- despite the fact that he also smeared an innocent Pinecrest buff guy, in our mind- and a Canseco I-told-you-so press conference now ranks below municipal waste management hearings as every reporter's most dreaded assignment.

So only one print reporter showed up yesterday, hopefully convincing him that the niche field of bragging about giving people 'roids has forever dried up.

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Gus Garcia-Roberts