The Real Housewives of Various Governor's Mansions

I was just checking the ol' RSS reader, and discovered that Naked Politics has a post up alerting readers to outtakes from The Real Housewives of New York City featuring Florida's First Lady Carole Rome.  I am insanely jealous we did not have this first (btw, anyone notice that the Rome has exchanged her former wardrobe of cleavage bearing dresses for more modest, but chic attires?)

Somehow this lead me to wonder if Florida has the hottest State First Lady in all the land. That would of course make for a horribly sexist post only fit for Maxim magazine, but what to do with all of this research I have conducted while I should be doing real work? Instead I've decided to cast my fantasy season of Bravo's The Real First Ladies. Now, I've only seen 15 minutes of any Real Housewives show, before realizing if I wanted to watch the mid-life crises of ritzy, bleach blond ladies unfold in front of us I'd just drive home and go out to lunch with my mom and her friends.

Anyway, after the jump are the picks for the first ladies that in another life could very well be starring on some vapid Bravo reality television.

Carole Rome, Florida - Well, d'uh she's already been on the show. In her previous marriage to business exec Todd Rome she constantly showed up at all the hottest Hamptons bashes. Post-divorce she got a posh pad on Fischer Island, and then married our Governor who wooed her with a tour of Europe this summer on the Taxpayers dime.

Maria Shriver, California - As a Kennedy she's way above Reality television, but really, the Kennedy's were America's first reality television family. I mean, any Republican today will tell you the only reason JFK was president was because he looked good on the tube next to Nixon.

Mary Kaye Huntsman, Utah - Hello, who is this lady? Her Governor husband is a the son of a billionaire businessman. Utah may have some of the caziest drinking laws in the country, but apparently there are no regulations on peroxide and red lipstick.

Michelle Paige Paterson, New York - Any First Lady who admits to a previous affair on her husband's second day in office is reality TV gold.

Full disclosure: ok, this also doubles as our list for hottest first ladies.

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Kyle Munzenrieder