Urkel partied at B.E.D. Miami’s Secret Society Mondays on December 17 with a VIP B.E.D. and bottle service.

The Party Crasher - Steve Urkel a.k.a Jaleel White Climbs into B.E.D.

Remember those episodes of Family Matters when Steven Quincy Urkel transformed into stud muffin, Stephan? Well, the nerd-no-more was apparent last night when Stephan, a.k.a. Jaleel White made his way into B.E.D., sans suspenders and red-rimmed glasses. The ‘90s star partied it up while climbing into B.E.D. Miami’s Secret Society Monday soirée. Surrounded by a sexy crowd of SoBe hoes, dancing to B.E.D.’s infamous eclectic playlist, White felt it was only fitting to indulge in a center VIP spot for the evening. Urkel-all-growns-up supplied plenty of Grey Goose to get loose and Motley Bird to mix. When footing the bill, White fell into old habits exclaiming, “Did I dooo that?” Just kidding, but it would have been better if he had.

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