The Party Crasher - Lance Bass' Mediocre Rooftop B-day Soiree

Tracy Block
Lance Bass and friends celebrated the former popstar’s 29th birthday atop the Gansevoort South with plenty of cupcakes, mojitos and SoBe lamesters.

Just because you’re a pop idol has-been and a year shy of 30 doesn’t mean you can’t still invite a few hundred of Miami’s top movers and shakers to your birthday party, right? Lance Bass may not be as cool as he used to, but the former 'N Syncer-slash-failed-astronaut extraordinaire hosted his 29th Sunday night at the Gansevoort South’s Plunge Rooftop Pool Bar.

With a fabulous crew adorned in everything from SoBe chic to cowboy hats to metallic blazers, the highlight of the evening was the sweet treat tower of cupcakes from Stella’s Sweet Shoppe, boasting Magnolia-worthy icing and fondant cake toppers with an airbrushed Lance in astro helmet and disco balls galore. The music was mediocre at best, as was the mood of another hungover Sunday night pool party.

Other D-listers, like Frankie Godoy from Bravo’s Make Me A Supermodel and recently freed jailbird Joe Francis from Girl’s Gone Wild, showed up for some drinks and then the party pretty much died faster than my mood once learning the complimentary mojito pitchers had run dry. All in all, I give that former popstar some cred, considering the exceptional choice of location, the ocean breeze, and, of course, the never-ending confectious cupcake tower. Lance: At least you came off as a sugar daddy in one sense of the word.

-- Tracy Block

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