Teenage Dexter Fan Admits to Killing Little Brother in Indiana

Dexter Morgan, the fictional anti-hero of local author Jeff Lindsay's book series and Showtime's hit drama, trades in on Miami's violent image as a crime scene analyst by day and a serial killer of other serial killers by night. Though, the violence, as Miami's tourism boards might want to let you know, is purely fictional. Unfortunately, the show has been blamed as the inspiration for a real-life murder for the second time.

Today, Anthony Conley, now 18-years-old of Indiana, admitted to killing his 10-year-old brother, and claims he was inspired by the show. The murder happened late last year, and Conley strangled his brother before stuffing him into a plastic bag so, as he told police, blood wouldn't get anywhere. The character of Dexter Morgan is portrayed as being very careful not to leave behind any evidence of his murders.

Prosecutors say that Conley told police he "just felt like him," when he turned himself in for the crime the day afterward.

"He analogized the murder to when someone wants a hamburger," said Prosecutor Aaron Negangardaccording to ABC News. "He said that when someone wants a hamburger they've just got to have it."

While Conley probably had other issues besides being a fan of the TV show, this is the second murder linked to Dexter since the series debuted. In 2008, Canadian Mark Twitchell was charged with killing a man in an incident authorities believe was also inspired by Dexter.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.