Suzie Ketcham Arrested During Basketball Wives Reunion

It hasn't even aired yet, but it seems like we can add the Basketball Wives reunion special to the hall of fame of insanely dramatic recap specials. This might be the first where an cast member actually got arrested.

Throughout the season, the girls all agreed on only one thing: Sandra, an alleged groupie and alleged model, is just a nasty piece of work. The plastic-faced woman's face memorably melted when Suzie Ketcham threw a drink in her face. Of course, the producers decided to up the drama ante by secretly inviting Sandra to the reunion, and the flood gates opened.

Apparently, Sandra and Suzie got into such a heated argument during the taping, which happened in Los Angeles, that the police needed to be called.

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According to RadarOnline, Suzie first stormed off the set when Sandra came out. Then Suzie returned with a giant bucket of water and threw it at Sandra.

Ol' Sandy tried to run away, but her plastic pumps slipped in the spillage and she fell face first.

That's when paramedics and cops were called, and Sandra was carried off-set screaming she wanted her lawyer.

Can't wait for season two!

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