South Beach Tow Renewed for Second Season for Some Awful Reason

South Beach Tow must be one of those shows that is so unbelievably stupid that the only reason people watch it is because they mindlessly stare at their own television screen wondering how crap like this is actually broadcast before falling into a deep depression while mulling over the current state of humanity, and eventually giving in and watching a marathon of while eating a carton of moose tracks ice cream. That seems to be working, because TruTV has renewed the almost certainly staged "reality" show for a second season.

Produced by Jennifer Lopez, the show focuses on Miami Beach's least favorite family run business, Tremont Towing. Yep, the controversial assholes who tow your cars.

"In its first season, the show averaged 1.5 million viewers, 786,000 adults 18-49 and and 454,000 men 18-49," reports Broadcast and Cable.

Think about that. 1.5 million people turned into each new episode of this show. That's more than half the 2.84 million people who turned into 30 Rock's penultimate season finale last Thursday.

That's astounding. Sad, but astounding.

We've only seen the show for a few minutes while it was playing on mute at Mac's Club Deuce, but according to Wikipedia the crew at Tremont regularly get into disputes with "rivals" Miami's Finest Towing. Which is bizarre considering there are only two towing companies licensed to operate on Miami Beach, and Finest isn't one of them. Like we said, almost certainly staged.

Thirteen new episodes will be filmed for the next season. It's set to kick off this fall. The first season is set to wrap up with a finale this Wednesday at 9:30 p.m.

Someone pass the moose tracks ice cream, please.

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