Some Sanity in Florida Senate: Guns Won't Be Allowed on College Campuses

A few Republicans in the state legislator and the NRA wanted to push a law that would allow anyone with a concealed weapons license to carry their gun openly on public university campuses. Of course, guns and the atmosphere at Florida public universities don't really go together, as a tragic accidental shooting at an FSU frat party demonstrated. Now, language allowing guns on campus has been stripped from the bill.

Ashley Cowie was shot after a drunken FSU student began brandishing about an AK-47 at a party in Frat housing. She died in her twin sister's arms, and her father, Robert Cowie, offered tearful testimony against the bill.

Robert Cowie also happens to be the dentist and close friend of Senator John Thrasher, chairman of the Senate rules committee. He told the St. Pete Times he couldn't allow the bill to go forward with the language allowing guns on campus. He also said he had personally urged Ashley to attend FSU.

Republican Sen. Paula Dockery offered an amendment stripping the bill of language allowing guns on campus, and it was adopted with no objections.

Normally Florida Republicans, who control both houses of the legislature, readily bend over backwards to do whatever the NRA tells them, but it appears that Thrasher's connection to the tragedy, as well as public outcry, led to a rare defeat in Florida for the NRA.

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Kyle Munzenrieder