Shaquille O'Neal vs. The Korean Giant Who Kicked Jose Canseco's Ass

Last month, we reported that Riptide's boxing match against Michael Lohan would still go on even though Jose Canseco got his ass kicked in Japan by a Korean giant. Huh? Y'know, you should probably just read it.

Anyway, earlier this week, former Miamian-and-now-despised-jerk Shaquille O'Neal challenged Hong Man Choi -- the Mixed Martial Arts giant who kicked Canseco's ass -- to a fight upon his retirement. Shaq also pretty much called Canseco the low-hanging fruit of the celebrity-fighting world, kissed a cardboard Chuck Lidell cutout, and seemed to have trouble breathing throughout.

Thank the Lord for the Z-List and Flotsam blog categories.

By the way, my fight's still on for September, once Lohan finishes boxing reality superstars and I put down this tub of peach ice cream to start training.

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