Seath Jackson's Facebook Posts Shed Light on Events Surrounding His Brutal Murder

Several posts on 15-year-old Seath Jackson's Facebook wall paint a picture of the heated arguments that might have set the stage for his brutal murder last Sunday near Ocala. Jackson had apparently been dating 15-year-old Amber Wright, but she broke up with him a few weeks before the murder and might have become involved with Mike Bargo, the 18-year-old mastermind of the shocking plot. Jackson's posts are full of rage directed at both Wright and Bargo.

In early March, Jackson made several adoring comments about Wright and also mentioned hanging out with someone named Kyle. Kyle Hooper, 16, is Wright's brother and was arrested for his part in the murder.

On March 28, Jackson announced he was single and two days later made separate posts attacking Wright and Bargo.

On April 7, Jackson again wrote disparaging comments about Wright and accused her of using meth. The post attracted 37 comments, and several of Jackson's female Facebook friends said the accusation went too far. Jackson defended himself, at one time posting, "it is true as fuck." He also accused Wright of cheating on him with an unnamed 19-year-old, possibly a reference to Bargo. Another male friend boasted about how easy it would be to kick the 19-year-old's ass.

Wright showed up in the comments to defend herself, and an argument between the two broke out.

On April 11, Jackson seemed to be ready to move on from the breakup with Wright.

Then there's very little action on the page. The last update is a post that someone had hacked his Facebook account. The post at 4:53 p.m. Sunday afternoon might have come after Jackson's remains were burned and shoveled into paint containers.

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