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Police Now Confirm Hit-and-Run on Trump Adviser Roger Stone UPDATED

Roger Stone (left) says someone is trying to kill him in connection to the ongoing Russia probe.
Roger Stone (left) says someone is trying to kill him in connection to the ongoing Russia probe.
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Update 9 p.m.: BSO spokespeople now confirm that an accident matching Roger Stone's account occurred around 10:45 this morning, CBS4's Jim DeFede reports. So why did BSO earlier tell reporters — including New Times — that no such accident had occurred in its jurisdiction? According to DeFede, it's because BSO deputies didn't respond to the crash until more than 70 minutes later, just before noon. And by then, Stone had left the scene. DeFede says Stone provided Uber receipts showing he had indeed left the area of the accident at that time.

As for who was behind the mysterious crash, we'll have to wait for BSO's investigation to pan out.

Original post: Roger Stone says his life is in grave danger. The maverick onetime adviser to Donald Trump and proud practitioner of political rat-fucking claimed in January that someone had tried to poison him with polonium — coincidentally or not, generating international headlines just as he released a book about Trump's campaign.

Now, as accusations mount that Stone had contact with Russian hackers during the election, he says he nearly died again, this morning. The way Stone tells it on Twitter and to CBS4's Jim DeFede, he was a passenger in a car this morning in Pompano Beach when someone in a gray sedan with tinted windows violently T-boned the car and sped away.

"I am fine after suspicious hit and run," Stone tweeted. Was it another attempted murder? "It certainly could be," Stone told DeFede and then noted that the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee had just asked him to testify.

There's only one problem with that tale of Washington intrigue: Local cops say they have zero record of the accident.

A spokesperson for the Broward Sheriff's Office says there is no record of any crash that matches Stone's description. In Pompano Beach, a spokesperson says the fire department didn't treat Stone and likewise had no hit-and-runs that dovetailed with his story.

"I don't see any such accident in our records," says Sandra King, a city spokesperson. "I ran the request by accidents that occurred earlier today... and we had no hit-and-run accidents at that time. We ran by name for people we treated, and there's no record of Roger Stone. Either it happened in a neighboring city and he thought it was Pompano Beach or... well, we didn't treat anyone by that name."

Perhaps the accident occurred on the highway, though. Nope. A spokesperson for Florida Highway Patrol says it didn't respond to any crash that matches Stone's description.

"We did have one hit-and-run in Pompano, but it was between a Ford van and a pickup truck," says Sgt. Mark Wysocky, an FHP spokesperson. "We had another around Hollywood, but that was between a silver Honda and the vehicle that fled was red."

Of course, it's possible Stone wasn't actually in Pompano, as he told DeFede. Stone's voicemail is full, and he didn't answer a call from New Times.

Stone made his political mark as a dirty trickster for Richard Nixon, whose face he has tattooed across his back. He became a major Republican campaign player until he National Enquirer caught him and his wife placing ads in swinger magazines. He's a longtime Trump friend and adviser and has lately become a regular on Infowars.

Stone is embroiled in investigations after admitting he had contact with Guccifer 2.0, a hacker who U.S. intelligence analysts believe is a front for Russian state operations. Stone appeared suspiciously knowledgeable about the John Podesta email hack before any information was released by WikiLeaks. He's also reportedly one of the targets of an FBI probe into the Trump campaign's ties to Moscow.

But Stone maintains that his only contacts with Guccifer were public on Twitter and denies any deeper Russian contacts.

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