Rich Wilkerson Jr.: Meet the Miami Hipster Pastor Who Married Kim and Kanye

When two of the world's biggest fame monsters get hitched you'd think it would be nearly impossible for anyone else at their wedding to get any attention. Yes, this weekend's wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West has a surprise breakout star: the pastor.

Meet Rich Wilkerson Jr., a junior preacher at Miami Garden's Trinity Church. Mostly he's caught the Internet's attention because a fair number of people want to do things to him that would make Jesus shudder. But it's not just his slick haircut and penchant for Kanye-style man "skirts" that's interesting.

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He is an attractive lad.

"Wait, The Pastor That Married Kim And Kanye Is Super Hot," realized Buzzfeed. England's Metro declared him, "basically the hottest man ever." MSN called him, "hottest pastor ever!" Some British site went adorably British and asked, "Blimey! Have you seen how hot the vicar who married Kim and Kanye is?"

There are probably all sorts of people in those comments sections who likely need to get right with the Lord.

Of course, there are other basic facts to know. He's the son, obviously, of Rich Wilkerson Sr., a former TBN televangelist who has turned Miami Garden's Trinity Church into a non-denominational Christian megachurch. Junior is an associate pastor at the church and conducts services for young adults.

He once ate a cockroach to get people to come to service.

The rest of the media may be gagging over Wilkerson because he's sexy, but he first came to New Times' attention in 2013 for more journalistically sound reasons: He promised to eat a cockroach. No, seriously, he's known for promising to pull off stunts to get people to show up to the church's Tuesday night young adult program.

"If [eating] a cockroach will get them in there, then I'm willing to do that," Wilkerson told us in 2013. "I'll do just anything to get people to [have] an opportunity to meet Jesus."

He's also had his head shaved and has been Tasered live on stage.

His church is also known for controversial fasts.

Young members of Trinity are encouraged to go on 40-day juice fasts, which are seen as pretty extreme by a lot of other religious folk.

He's Kanye's go-to God guy when he's in Miami.

According to People, Kanye wandered into one of Wilkerson's services two years ago and the two hit it off. In fact, Kanye drops in whenever he's in town. He even consulted on Kanye's latest tour when the rapper asked the pastor the best way to portray Jesus on stage during "Jesus Walks."

He has a very Kanye-like style sense.

Is that a man "skirt" or just layering of a very long undershirt? Who knows! Who cares? It's Kanye-approved.

He's married

That's his blond wife up above. Sorry, everyone. Now go read your Bible.

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