Rashell Barfield Faked a Kidnapping to Get Attention From Her Boyfriend

You think your significant other is needy? At least he or she is not staging kidnappings in order to get your attention.

Twenty-one-year-old Rashell Leeann Barfield was arrested yesterday after leading her boyfriend, family, and police on a search for a white van in which she was supposedly being held captive. Turns out she just needed some attention.

On Monday, Barfield and her boyfriend, Kieth Walker, got into an argument. Barfield was irate that it seemed Walker cared only about their son and not her. That's when she left the family's home near Liberty City and didn't return.

Walker soon received a text message from Barfield. She claimed two men wearing ski masks had randomly snatched her and threw her into the back of a white panel van. She claimed she didn't know where they were because the men had been driving around in circles.

Walker called the cops.

The Miami Police Department began distributing flyers and conducting interviews with family members. The investigation was in full force when Walker got a call from Barfield.

She claimed at that point she had escaped her captors and was hiding in a bush. Police then talked to her and were able to pinpoint her location.

When officers arrived, Barfield gave them a detailed description of the two men and the van. However, back at police headquarters, Barfield came clean. She admitted she made the whole thing up just to get attention from her boyfriend.

She was arrested on one count of false reports of commission of crimes and one count of obstructing justice.

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