Ponzi Clown Scott Rothstein Spent $60,000 a Month on Prostitutes

Scott Rothstein, the ego-drive man-child of a mega-lawyer who is now serving 50 years in prison for running a $1.2 billion Ponzi scheme in Fort Lauderdale, has now admitted to shelling out in the neighborhood of $50,000 to $60,000 a month on prostitutes alone.

Oh, sure, some of the hookers were for himself, but most were for his employees, clients, business associates, and, apparently, cops. Rothstein even owned a condo across from his office set aside specifically for the purpose of banging hookers during work breaks. What else do you expect form the sleazy Great Gatsby-ish failure who owned multiple golden toilets?

According to our Broward friends at the Pulp, more transcripts from Rothstein's deposition have been released by the Conrad & Scherer law firm, and in the latest bit of testimony Rothstein details his hooker habit.

"So let's talk about the gross, I mean gross as in the large number," Rothstein was instructed in one of the few times where really either definition of gross would have sufficed. "Let's talk about the gross number that you were spending on prostitutes a month at let's say its height for you and for your friends and associates."

"Okay. Well, I was giving Stu Rosenfeldt 5,000 a week for his escort habit, and general people at the law firm probably another few 1,000 a week, friends and business associates, another a few -- It was a lot of money," replied Rothstein. "I mean, there were probably times when we spent 50, 60,000 a month on escorts. It just depends. When there were political things in town, more."

In addition to friends and business associates, Rothstein also claims he supplied prostitutes to certain police officers but would not identify the officers by name.

Rothstein also said he had a condo right across from his office that was meant for meetings with hookers.

"We'd go up there and do our business and come back to work," he says. Apparently he means business and work in very different ways.

Rothstein also says that his wife caught him on numerous occasions dabbling with his hired ladies.

Move over Nevin Shapiro, it looks like you have renewed competition in the emotionally stunted, id-driven, South Florida douchebag Ponzi schemer Hall of Fame race.

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Kyle Munzenrieder