Police Shoot Man in Stolen Car at Aventura Mall Parking Garage
photo: Nasa

Police Shoot Man in Stolen Car at Aventura Mall Parking Garage

Aventura Mall may be one of the nicest shopping centers in Florida, but its parking garage continues to be the scene of an unusual number of high profile incidents. In just the latest example this afternoon, police ended up shooting a man in one of the garages after he was spotted driving a stolen car. 

The incident happened at about 12:20 this afternoon at the parking garage between Bloomingdale's and Macy's on the eastern side of the mall. Police attempted to stop the man in the stolen Burgundy Honda Accord. According to Local 10, the man instead tried to run over police officers, though the officers managed to get out of the way. 

The man then ended up hitting two parked police cars and into the parking garage structure. 

The man got out of the car and officers opened fire. They shot the man in the arm. He was taking to Aventura Hospital and Medical Center. His injuries are not considered life threatening. 

This is just the latest incident at one of the large mall's many parking garage in the past few years. With in 2012, a man and a woman ended up jumping off of one of the garages to their deaths in cases later ruled to be suicides. Another man jumped off the garage while fleeing police and ended up dying. 

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