Pittsburgh-area Murder Suspect Henry Culver Found Working as Barber in Miami

Hopefully you haven't found a new barber named Rocky you like recently. Hopefully you don't have an appointment with him this week, because "Rocky" isn't going to be able to keep it. Those same hands that have been clipping your hair are accused of pulling the trigger that ultimately ended the life of Scott Goodman on December 14 in the Pittsburgh-area town of Duquesne, Pennsylvania.

See, "Rocky Wallace" the Miami-area barber, is actually Henry "Hank" Culver, the Pittsburgh-area murder suspect.

The 54-year-old Culver is accused of shooting and killing 46-year-old Goodman after an argument in Goodman's home. By the time police had identified Culver as the prime suspect, he had fled, triggering a six-month multi-state man hunt. The Western Pennsylvania Fugitive Task Force knew that Culver had connection in Maryland and Michigan, and had previously followed up tips that Culver was in both states to no avail.

Recently however they got a tip that Culver had indeed fled to the sunniest place for shady people, Miami.

Culver had assumed the name "Rocky Wallace" and was living in a Miami mission. He had started cutting hair for money, but fingerprints positively IDed him as Culver. Culver was finally arrested yesterday. He now sits in the Miami-Dade Pre-trail Detention Center, and is awaiting extradition back to Pennsylvania.

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Kyle Munzenrieder