Pi Kappa Alpha Frat Headquarters Suspends FIU Chapter, Slams "Illegal and Illicit Activities"

How'd you like to be a Pi K A,

to bear the Shield and Diamond every day?

Wear our colors, the Garnet and Gold,

which all with Honor holds

since chivalrous days of knighthood old.

So goes an old Pi Kappa Alpha song. But now that a sex and drug-filled scandal has thoroughly stained that honor, FIU's Pike frat brothers will be stripped of their garnet and gold.

Today, the international headquarters of Pi Kappa Alpha said that it was suspending it's FIU chapter for "illegal and illicit activities" revealed on Facebook and reported on Riptide. The fraternity also announced it would throw the book at bad FIU members, pushing the university to expel them and assisting in a police investigation.

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"The Supreme Council (board of directors) of the Pi Kappa Alpha International Fraternity working closely with the University, voted to immediately suspend the charter of the Kappa Gamma Chapter at Florida International University following the release of social media posts admitting to numerous violations of Fraternity Standards," according to a statement. "Further, all members with linkages to illegal and illicit activities will be pursued for expulsion from the Fraternity. The International Fraternity will continue to work with the University and police investigations, providing any information available to hold individuals accountable to the fullest extent of the law."

"Suspension means that the Chapter may no longer operate in the name of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity or use any of the Fraternity's names, symbols or signage to denote that the Chapter is in anyway affiliated with the Fraternity," the statement continued.

"The behavior displayed by these young men is disgraceful, offensive, and indefensible," said Pi Kappa Alpha executive vice president Justin A. Buck. "The immediate decision to suspend by the Supreme Council was made to communicate clearly that this type of behavior is not tolerated."

Buck said that other chapters and alumni had expressed their "overwhelming embarrassment and disgust for these actions."

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"It is clear these individuals never had any concept of what Pi Kappa Alpha stands for," he said. "The International Fraternity would like to publicly apologize to those mentioned and offended by the comments and actions made by the former members of the Kappa Gamma Chapter. The comments and actions expressed by these individuals are not shared by the International Fraternity or its chapters."

Meanwhile, sources tell Riptide that other FIU fraternities and sororities are meeting today to discuss how to deal with the fallout from the Facebook scandal. One female FIU student said she worried her sorority would try to "sweep the scandal under the rug."

"Rush Week is right around the corner," she said. "Nobody in the Greek community wants this type of bad publicity."

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