Peter Rosello, Real Housewives Son, Turns Himself in for Nut Slapping a Bum

It just got real for Peter Rosello, son of former Real Housewives of Miami star Alexia Echevarria. He has surrendered to police after he posted a video of himself online in which he assaults a sleeping homeless man by punching him in the groin and then running off.

He turned himself in at Miami Beach police headquarters and has been booked into jail. He faces charges of felony battery, according to the Miami Herald. His attorney tells the paper that he plans to plead not guilty.

The video of the assault went viral after it was posted on TMZ. Miami Beach homeless outreach workers were able to identify the victim, Gary Lee Brown, and once contacted by police, he decided to press charges.

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The police report noted the attack was "with prejudice" because Brown is homeless, so the charges were bumped up from a misdemeanor to a felony.

"I feel bad for those people," Rosello wrote on his Facebook page once word of the story broke. "didn't mean to offend anyone. they got my love, i always give them like 5 bucks or weed."

Before the scandal broke, Rosello kept an interesting presence on social media, including a Twitter feed that made multiple references to marijuana, and an Instagram account that included multiple pictures of codeine syrup. Those accounts have since been closed.

Rosello, who has worked as a model, is a classic Miami-Dade child of privilege. In addition to his mother's connection to Bravo's reality TV show, she's also the editor of Venue magazine. His stepfather, Herman Echevarria, is one of the most connected political power players in Hialeah, if not all of Miami-Dade.

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