PETA Wants to Turn OJ Simpson's Foreclosed Home into a Vegetarian Museum

PETA, a sad, attention-trolling parody of an animal rights organization, never lets a prime opportunity for cheap publicity go to waste, so they've decided to jump on the news that OJ Simpson's Kendall close is in foreclosure. PETA founder Ingrid Newkirk has penned a letter to the foreclosing bank, JP Morgan, and inquired about turning the home into a vegetarian museum. Well, at least according to some gossip reports. 

Gossipwire Wenn.com just ran with the report, and its popped up on IMDB.com. Newkirk apparently wants JPMorgan to either donate the home or sell it for a fair sum to PETA so they can turn it into a vegetarian museum. 

Newkirk says that animals are "knifed to death every day for nothing more than a fleeting taste of flesh." So, she hopes the museum will "remind visitors that violence may not always be preventable but that it sometimes can be prevented and that non-violence begins on our plates."

Of course, Newkirk doesn't want you to think that she's making light of the brutal murder of two people to further her own agenda. No, no, absolutely not. She's merely mad at Simpson because he was "once a spokesperson for and a franchise owner of two chicken restaurants, and he held a 50 per cent ownership in eight HoneyBaked Ham stores." Grievous crimes against humanity, that. 

We'd almost like to see JPMorgan call PETA's bluff: "Sure, here you got PETA, here's the home. Have a fun time trying to run a financially sustainable vegetarian museum in the middle of Miami's nowhere southwest suburbs. Good luck with the zoning permits!" 

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.