Paula Sladewski's Family Feuding Over Murdered Model's Barbie Doll Collection

It's been nearly three months since aspiring model Paula Sladewski's body was found burning in a North Miami dumpster. Efforts to find the killer have stalled, and now Sladewski's family back home is in a bitter argument over her personal property.

Detroit's Fox 2 reports that Paula's sister Kelly Farris and mother Patsy Watkins are no longer talking after feuding over Sladewski's belongings. Among the items: dozens and dozens of unopened boxes of Barbie dolls and a cherry-red Mustang convertible.

Sladewski, who shared Barbie's hair and eye color, had a vast collection of the dolls.

Farris collected the items from Sladewski's home when she feared her mother was planning on auctioning them. Watkins says she felt bad she didn't have any money and wanted proceeds from the auction to go to a reward for information about Sladewski's killer. Watkins has legal executorship.

Farris put up nearly $14,000 of her own money to go toward the reward but wants to hold on to Sladewski's collection.

"I feel like I've lost two daughters," Watkins says.

Watch Fox 2's news report below.

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