Panhandle Boy in "Home for Extensive Therapy" After Reading Manga

Margaret Barbaree, a concerned mother from the Panhandle town of Crestview, is leading a one-woman fight against manga, AKA Japanese comic books, after her son stole one from a public library and had to be put "in a home for extensive therapy." So she started a petition to have it banned, but misled people who signed it by telling them she wanted "pornography" removed from the library.

Manga, for those not familiar, is any Japanese comic book, graphic novel, or comic strip. Like its American counterpart, the subject matter ranges from family-friendly to fantastical violence.

The Crestview Bulletin reports Barbaree founded a citizens' group called Protect Our Children, circulated a misleading petition, and presented manga excerpts to the town council. She says the books were "graphic" and "shocking."

"My son lost his mind when he found this," she told the Crestview City Council. "Now he's in a home for extensive therapy."

Barbaree's son got a hold of some manga meant for adult readers when he was in the library unsupervised and hid the book in his backpack.

The library, however, is standing up for manga. Representatives claim Barbaree's petition was signed by many people only after she misled them by claiming she was protesting "pornography."

The city council wasn't swayed either.

"Our library is well managed and well staffed," the council's president told Barbaree, according to the Bulletin. "I am a family man, and I understand what you are saying."

He went to the library the next day and said the manga available in the children's section was age-appropriate. The book Barbaree's son swiped had been on the top shelf of a section meant for adult readers. (Oh, by the way, here's a picture of Barbaree during her speach to the city council.)

[Bulletin: Crestview Mom Targets Manga: Calls it 'Shocking']

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