Now That Bill Kristol Lost his Times Gig He Has Lots of Time to Fued with Matt Damon

About a year ago noted communist party tool The New York Times needed to fill one of the token conservative slots in it's op-ed page and chose Wingnut Laureate Bill Kristol. Liberals were angered that the Times chose a conservative's idea of what a conservative should be, instead of a liberal-approved conservative. I, personally, never saw the problem. The conservatives would be happy that their views were in the Times, and the liberals would be happy to make fun of this rediculous man, William Kristol, every Monday. You see, if the Times hired a conservative that made sense to liberals then maybe some of those liberal readers would go a little right on us, so really, as far as pushing the liberal agenda in the op-ed page it was win-win.

Well, as I learned numerous times when I logged into my Google Reader today this morning, today was Billy Kristol Burger's last column for the Grey Lady. And as Wonkette points out, some how this has escalated into a bunch of conservatives circling around Kristol and Miami-resident and Hollywood liberalite Matt Damon in the public school yard chanting "Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!"

Apparently Mr. Damon sat down with The Miami Herald, and Sunday

they published an interview in which Damon called Kristol an  idiot:

''He's an idiot -- he wrote that we should be grateful to George Bush

because he won the Iraq war. We! Won! The! War!''

Now this William Kristol fellow wants to debate Matt Damon, because, that is, um, well... basically because he would like some attention.

This blog, Big Hollywood, is even offering Damon $100,000 to participate, which he can then spend at his new favorite hang out, White Room.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Miami.