Diamond Nicole Bell didn't see it coming. On the evening of January 16, she and four friends went to see Notorious at the Aventura AMC Theatre.

After they sat down, some of her buddies headed for the concession stand while Diamond, 20, stayed behind to hold their places. Two Hispanic women, one about 5-8 dressed in all black and the other 5-10 dressed in a white shirt and blue jeans, tried to claim the seats.

Diamond protested. A scuffle ensued.

In the fight that followed, Diamond was stabbed twice by a short African-American guy in dreadlocks. "I was scared... at first," was all she would tell me before saying she had to talk to her mom and then avoiding  my follow-up calls.

Notorious Stabbing and Big-Time Brawl at Aventura Movie Theater

According to the police report: "During this time, more fights broke out, causing the movie to stop while security and police tried to resume control of the situation. Ms. Bell immediately left the movies with her friends and had them bring her to the Aventura hospital to treat her wounds."

Aventura police studied what they call "grainy" videos from the theater after the fight. So far, no arrests have been made. "The mall generates a lot of crime," said one cop.

But I can tell you one thing. I'm gonna be more careful next time I try to hold seats at that theater.

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