News Roundup: Art Ladybug Terror

  • Michelle Spence-Jones pleaded not guilty to theft charges and, of course, plans to run for her city commission seat again. [CBS4]
  • Police are on the hunt for someone who released thousands of ladybugs in the VIP room at Art Basel. [NBCMiami]
  • A man stole a $1 million painting. Police caught the suspect but can't find the art. By the way, this has no connection to Art Basel -- it's just regular South Florida shenanigans. [CBS4]

  • Alvin Mitchell, a Miami native and college basketball player in West Virginia, was shot three times outside his dorm room last night. He's in serious condition. [NBCMiami]
  • The cops brought out a lot of scary-looking guns to prepare for protecting the Orange Bowl, Super Bowl, and Pro Bowl. [AP]
  • The Heat lost by a painful 114-96 to the Denver Nuggets. [Herald]


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