Mystery Cyclist In Critical Condition After Little Havana Accident, Police Need Help With ID

A twenty-something cyclist is "clinging to life" after a nasty collision with a Kia in Little Havana sent him sprawling to the pavement. Now police are asking for help as they try to identify the man, whose face is badly swollen from the crash.

Click through for a photo of the victim. (Possibly NSFW, if badly injured faces are verboten at your place of employment.)

The cyclist -- who is about 5'5" with brown hair, brown eyes, a diamond earring, and a 4-inch long scar on one arm -- was riding a purple Pacifica bike against traffic in the middle of West Flagler Street early on Sunday morning, says Det. William Moreno, a spokesman for the Miami Police Department.

Near the intersection with 11th Avenue, a 2004 Kia collided with him and sent him flying off the bike, Moreno says.

The driver stopped to help, and Moreno says police aren't likely to charge him with any crimes.

If you recognize the victim, who was wearing a red Tommy Hilfiger shirt, jean shorts and brown leather shoes, call Crimestoppers at 305-471-TIPS. Here's the photo Moreno provided of the victim in intensive care:

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