Miami Named 4th Worst-Run City in America, Hialeah 9th

Perhaps the most surprising part of the City of Miami being named the fourth worst-run city in America is that it was higher in the rankings than Hialeah. However, both cities made the top ten.

24/7 Wall Street decided to start off the new year by ranking America's 100 biggest cities from worst to best run. "The area's economy, job market, crime level, and welfare of the population," were all taken into account.

Hialeah came in ninth with the following statistics:

> Population: 232,000 (83rd largest)

> Credit rating: not rated

> Violent crime per 100,000: 347 (12th lowest)

> 2012 Unemployment rate: 11.7% (14th highest)

"Just 71.2% of the adult population in Hialeah had a high school diploma in 2012, one of the worst rates among large cities," writes the site, adding, "Nearly 36% of residents didn't have health insurance last year, the most among the 100 largest U.S. cities."

Miami meanwhile came in fourth with these statistics:

> Population: 413,864 (42nd largest)

> Credit rating: A2, negative

> Violent crime per 100,000: 1,172 (15th highest)

> 2012 Unemployment rate: 10.3% (24th highest)

"Roughly one in 10 jobs in Miami is construction related, more than the vast majority of the largest U.S. cities," says the site. "Miami's poverty rate of 31% last year was roughly double the national rate."

Falling home prices and rising foreclosures were also cited for both cities.

Oddly, things like public corruption and effectiveness of municipal services don't seem to have been considered, which one would assume of a list purporting to decide how well-run a city is. Many of factors that bring Miami and Hialeah down are at least in part beyond total local control.

In case you're wondering, San Bernardino, California, was named the worst run city. Irvine, California, took the honors as America's best run city.

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