Miami MetroZoo Gets New Horribly Long, Generic Name

Zoo is one of the funnest words in the English language, and the name "Miami MetroZoo" is just charming and pretty well known at this point.

It's worked for 30 years, and there's nothing wrong with it. So leave it to the county commissioners' inferiority complex to screw everything up. They've voted to rename the place "Miami-Dade Zoological Park and Gardens," because it "is more consistent with that of other leading world-class zoos and better encompasses the variety of flora and fauna found at Miami MetroZoo."

Just because all the other zoos have long, jumbly names doesn't mean we have to.

The resolution, sponsored by chairman Dennis Moss, notes MetroZoo is "a zoological park of national stature and recognition and is consistently rated one of America's top ten zoos," which probably indicates the old name wasn't holding it back very much.

As far as I know, our marketing department isn't planning on changing our May 1 event at the zoo to "Brew at the Zoological Park and Gardens," thankfully. You know why? Because we have good marketing people who know a crappy name when they see it.

Yes, the day-to-day name will be "Zoo Miami," but it will forever remain MetroZoo in our hearts.

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