Miami is America's 10th Least Religious City

Good thing we're all so used to warm temperatures, because apparently a lot of Miamians are going to Hell. According to data just released by the Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies and the Association of Religious Data Archives, Miami is America's 10th least religious city.

Only 38,058 citizens out of every 100,000 are considered religious adherents in Miami. Adherents are defined as those with an affiliation to a congregation, including children, members, and attendees who are not members.

We're joined in the top ten by other heathen cities like San Francisco (#9), Las Vegas (#4), Tampa (#2) and Portland (#1).

Among those of us who are associated with a church, the Catholic Church continues to be the dominant religious institution in Miami-Dade County. In Miami, 544,449 are adherents of the church, or just over 1 in 5 residents.

About 271,814 are members of Evangelical Protestant churches, and 60,074 are members of black Protestant churches. Though, a full 1,503,913 are considered "unclaimed" by any church.

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