Miami Drag Queen Elaine Lancaster Pulled a Man From a Burning Car in Greece

Drag queens are the closest things the gay community has to real-life superheroes (or villains, depending upon the queen). There are the double identities, the mystical powers ranging from backhanding splits to the conjuring of drink tickets, and, well, apparently even the occasional act of actual lifesaving.

Elaine Lancaster, Miami's premier drag-queen socialite (not a drag queen who plays a socialite character, she's an ever-present fixture of Miami's social scene who just happens to be a drag queen) is in Greece, where she pulled a man from a burning car

Greece, you might have heard, is having some economic difficulties, but that hasn't precluded nightclubs on the tourist-heavy island of Mykonos from importing drag superstars for monthlong gigs. 

Lancaster, best known for her appearances on The Real Housewives of Miami, just arrived on the island to start a residency alongside fellow drag queens Roxy Brooks and Lady Bunny. 

According to the Miami Herald, Lancaster, whose real name is James Davis, saw a car in distress just after midnight Friday outside the villa where she's staying. Lancaster went out to help and noticed the car was on fire.

“I could smell they were burning the clutch,” she told the Herald. “I said to the guy, ‘The car is on fire — I smell it.’ The girl says, that’s OK, OK.' I said, ‘No, I see flames.’”

Two men and one woman were in the car, and all but one of the men managed to get out of the car in time. 

“The guy on the passenger side, he sees fire coming out of the hood. It’s almost like he's hypnotized. He’s frozen. He keeps staring at the hood," Lancaster continued. “I ran up the stairs and hopped over a little wall to get to the passenger side. The window was halfway down. I reached in and pushed his seat belt button. I opened the car door and grabbed him by the arm. He stood up in a daze." 

The man later thanked Lancaster for saving his life. 

It should be noted that Lancaster was not in drag at the time. 

Fellow drag queen Brooks calls Lancaster a "shero," while Lady Bunny took to Facebook to joke, "In truth, the man was fleeing the scene of of one of her performances, and he must have had some really good drugs on him for her to risk her life."
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Kyle Munzenrieder