Everyone Agrees the Dolphins Finally Beat Patriots Because of Miami's Sweet Throwback Uniforms

The Miami Dolphins beat the New England Patriots 27-20 Monday night in undoubtedly Miami's best performance of the season. Jay Cutler threw three pretty touchdowns. Kenyan Drake looked like a Pro Bowl running back, racking up more than 200 all-purpose yards. And on defense, second-year cornerback Xavien Howard looked like Deion Sanders while picking off Tom Brady twice.

The Dolphins played so well it almost makes you angry because now you know they had this sort of performance in them all this time.

But enough about the game. Let's talk about clothes. More specific, let's discuss the Dolphins' amazing throwback jerseys that the entire internet agrees need to become permanent as soon as possible. The Fins' superclean throwbacks are intended to look reminiscent of their inaugural 1966 look.

The kits include the traditional aqua jerseys with orange-and-white numbers, white pants, and eggshell-colored helmets with the original dolphin logo. They're so fierce-looking and a complete departure from the Sea World-esque uniforms the Fins wear on a weekly basis.

The look is a big hit with not only Dolphins fans and players but also pretty much everyone who has ever laid eyes on the team. The universal opinion on Twitter last night (which is a rarity) was that the Dolphins need to stop messing around and make their throwbacks a no-go-back: Everyone agrees, these jerseys are fire.

The win moves the Fins to 6-7 and gives them at least an outside shot of still making the playoffs. Yes, really. Somehow the Dolphins remain in the postseason hunt after everything they've been through both on and off the field. Next week, the team will travel to Buffalo, where the Bills are desperately begging residents to help shovel snow out of the stadium for $11 an hour.

If the Dolphins escapes a frozen Buffalo with a win, you can be certain their luck has turned and it might be time to look up playoff tiebreakers. They should start by packing these throwback unis for the trip.

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